Wednesday, November 30, 2005

discount buys

okay, the reality is sinking in finally, that we have no financial resource to lure or trade for a difference maker.
now that konerko is gone back to CWS, the angels will probably seek out a trade for manny.
toronto seems to be the destination for AJ burnett, according to many circulating reports.
Johnny Damon- out of reach for us.(especially he's another client of scott boras)
Rafael Furcal isn't coming to LA. all this talk is to keep CHC and braves on tippy-toes for contract negotiations.
well, here is an idea for cheap stop-gaps until otherwise.

sign Carl Everett for LF.

since CHW have konerko on 1B and thome as DH, they will most likely dump everett and thomas. (although, Frank may get a pinch hitting gig as a fan-service)
he's not flashy, and in decline, but he sure will come at a fraction of giles, and almost as durable.

then trade for Joey Gathright, give Tampa Aybar. they need 3B when they trade Huff and Baez away, between crawford-baldelli-hollins-gomes-delmon young, they are more jammed in OF than we are at 2B. Delwin Young should be our 2B when Kent is gone, and with 3B promised to LaRoche, Aybar will soon become a utility man.

When that's complete, then sign a 3B for a short term contract, no more than 2 years. Between wes helms, joe randa and bill mueller, somebody will take 7-10 mil/2yrs.


Gathright - CF
Robles/Izturis - SS
Drew - RF
Kent - 2B
Everett - LF
Choi - 1B
Helms/randa/Mueller -3B
Navarro - C

Bench - Ledee and Cruz Jr. to back any injuries in OF, and
A. Perez as a back up IF, we have RH, LH, and Switch hitting Pinch hitters off the bench.

this plan is cheaper and fills two holes for the cost of either Giles or Nomar alone. then with whatever the resource we have left, can go for a FA pitcher for the fourth starter, like Bird or Washburn. we may sign Morris, but again, for how much and can McCourts afford such contract? well, hope we can, but the back up plan doesn't look too bad, if

Lowe - Penny - Perez - Bird/washburn/morris - Billingsley

is our rotation.

then again, I AM A FOOL.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

such a fool not to be an angel fan

the latest news indicate in all directions that josh beckett and mike lowell will be headed to boston. dodger website seems to be hinting possible trade for carlos delgado and juan pierre.
if we are not picking up a starting pitcher, or a packaging either one of the two along with a pitcher, i dont see how its going to work out. 48mil / 3 years for deldago, then what? holes in 3B, OF, SP, and another lefty in BP still needed, only way I can see this work out is to get rid of our farm clubs. but where is the fox $ to operate like Yankees?
I am trying my best to support Ned and the dodger management despite the overwhelming oppsition in the web. I maybe the only optimist here, but it's getting gloomier each and every day......


as the dodgers are stinking up the baseball, the losangeles angels of "anaheim" is considering possible move actually into the cith of LA. all the cushy seats of dodger stadium won't be making any money is we continue to suck, as the team from the south of I-5 flirts with another champianship.

at least my CLIPPERS are 8-2 . Go CLIPPERS!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

NED, jump on it!!!

Marlins are broke, and getting out of big contracts at any cost. WE MUST JUMP ON THIS!!!
they will probably keep only D-Train and Cabrera. they want cheap players+prospects. We have many holes to fill. let's see,

Edwin Jackson + Antonio Perez for Josh Beckett + Juan Pierre ?

or wait until they trade Beckett and Mike Lowell to Texas for Hank Blalock + Pitcher, then trade for Blalock + Pierre and send LaRoche + Hanrahan from AAA + 3rd person, like jayson werthless?
Everybody loves Laroche, but Blalock is already an Allstar and only in mid 20's with great d.

I know I say a lot of foolish things, but this one I really believe is THE oppotunity we need to jump on to make us better now without compromising the future. Although I'm not too hot on Delgado + Kent in the same club house.

if we make the deal, we could possibly have

Pierre - CF
Robles - SS
Drew - RF
Kent - 2B
Blalock or Lowell 3B (depending on what florida does with Texas, but better not give Laroche away for Lowell )
Cruz Jr. - LF
Choi - 1B
Navarro - C

well, just a thought, but nice to imagine.

if anything, at least my clippers are the BEST team in the division, and sharing the BEST record in the west with the spurs. go CLIPPERS!!!!!! I endured through danny mannings, pooh richardsons, charles smiths and all the other 'promsing' rookies come and go, but the time has finally come!

and the lesson from this is, if the freakin' clippers and Donarld T. Sterling can turn things around, Frankie McKie and the dodgers have got to have a chance.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

happiness, and other intangibles in life

my mathmatically inclined fellow dodger lovers, stop measuring the dosage of your anti-depressants to find anwers all the time.
actually, I am very impressed with the statistical analysis you guys come up with, even though I scored more than 700 in math part of SAT about 15 years ago, that lately, I actually feel incompetent in numbers somehow. However, just like math alone can't carry your SAT scores, stats alone cannot evaluate everything about baseball.
hold your horses, I dont mean to bash DePo here like Plaschke. I am a HUGE DePo fan, but anybody who's been a working stiff for awhile can tell you who you work with means more at times than what you actually do. I even worked for an inorganic chemistry lab between undergrad and grad school, and I gotta tell you, if you hate anyone in a group or don't get along with someone despite how minimal the conversation is, it make a HUGE difference in productivity and motivation. of course, biggest heart on the planet doesn't cover for the lack of talent. nevertheless, I believe in balanced harmony in things. Ying and Yang, if you will.
Many great things in life are not quantifiable. like, being a dad, having a happy home, a great wife you can rely on for support, etc. so is a happy clubhouse. I am truly glad Choi's article I translated for Blue Think Tank mentioned about Choi feeling bonded to with Ricky Ledee and Jeff Kent. I remember reading about Chan Ho and Ismail Valdez being best friends while they were in dodger uniforms. To be honest, I share an office with a co-worker I hate, and frankly I can't wait until either one of us leave the job, because of such condition, I probably spend way too much time reading up on peoples blogs and writing on mine.
well, kent demanding trade if bradley returns to the team, I don't like to hear it, but I understand. as the dodgers prepare to trade my favorite dodger Milton Bradley, it appears to me that it maybe the right time for me to look for a better paying job myself. most of all, i can't wait until I ditch that big fat back-stabbing biaaaaatch that sits across from me all day. ( oh god i hate her guts )


my off-season entertainment has started off with the best record of their miserable history. Go Clippers! screw the Lakers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

its a keeper's market

Ned is now officially the man of LA.
I don't know how to feel about this at all. lots of questions yet to be answered, and I guess in about a month or two, I'll make the final decision on Ned's ability and be abl to evaluate the choice of McCourts.
whatever happens happens, but dodgers should be cautious to give out long term contracts to washed up vets like Brian Giles or Johnny Damon. Joe Randa will make a great stopgap 3b for the next year or two, and Jarrod Washburn will more than replace Jeff Weaver, but free agent market ends short right about there.
NO NOMAR if it's more than a year or two.
NO TRADING our farm away for offense.
we have plenty of it as long as we add one bat for the 5th spot in batting order.
1 - Cezar (when healthy ) or Perez/Robles platton SS
2 - Choi 1B
3 - Drew CF
4 - Kent 2B
5 - Randa or Nomar ( if only for one to two year contract) 3B
6 - Cruz Jr RF
7 - Werth LF
8 - Navarro C

if Washburn is signed,


what a nice rotation it would be, with Houlton and Jackson to back up any injuries.

Kuo / schmoll / brazoban / sanchez / Gagne

looks like an impressive bullpen, as long as Gagne stays healthy and kuo continues his dominance from last year
( AA ERA below 2 with Five strike out of six batters in majors he showed at the end of miserable dodger season in 2005 )

as long as ned doesn't sell out our youngsters, we will be a dynasty once again in two to three years when AA kids move up to the big league.

just imagine

1 - Delwyn Young 2B
2 - Cezar Izturis SS
3 - Joel Guzman LF
4 - J.D. Drew CF
5 - H.S. Choi 1B
6 - Andy LaRoche 3B
7 - Dioner Naverro C
8 - Jayson Werth RF


Penny - Washburn - Billingsley - Jackson - Tiffany
with Kuo - brazoban - broxton - gagne in the pen....

just a dream for now, but someday...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

finally, it's over with.

the los angeles dodgers will anounce tomorrow that they have hired Ned Collette from the hated san francisco giants their next general manager.
well, at least the search is over.
I don't understand what it is about ned that kim ng didn't have. ( well, other than that of anatomical difference )
at least the circus is over and now we can spend endless winter nights wondering about free agents and stuff. But why Ned? why another assistant gm from of all teams, the freakin' giants? I sincerely hope the first move of his is to trade our farm for barry bonds. only trade involving barry should be a straight up trade with Jeff Kent. Ned have traded Kent before, in back in 97 or 98 when the giants shipped him out to the indians. what a great working relationship to look forward to between kent and collette...
if anything else, I'm excited about our managerial choices. Bobby got paid big to stay in Japan, collins' chance went out the door along with depodesta's departure, the only choice that appears to still have a life is Orel Hershiser.
by the look of things of our starting rotation, might as well hire him as a player/manager like ty cobb or babe ruth. unless of course, if he gets to be included in a deal to bring barry bonds to LA by ned collette...

Monday, November 14, 2005

where are we headed?

once upon a time, there was a greatness about the dodgers and dodger stadium.
every franchise in major league baseball admired and try to imitate our way of baseball.
we developed our own from the fram system.
we kept our stars, and paid them well too.
they retired as dodgers, and went to hall of fame as dodgers.

now we marvel at the braves and their farm.
now the Angels pay their players, and pay them well. (yankees always did, so they dont count)
well, nobody retires from the team they got drafted by anymore...

Now we are just another franchise. like the royals, bengals, or even clippers.

I love the dodgers, but It doesn't mean any special than what being a fan means to those people who are mariner fans or the diamond back fans.

now McCourts are selling stadium seats for 200$ for a pair.
To me, they are selling what once meant greatness for 200$ a pair.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

dodgerfool: when will tommy have a coronary?

Tommy has ruined our beloved franchise....
How will we ever recover? As soon as Tommy has a massive coronary and croak!
then there will be no one left to influence the weak minded Frank, whom is having a popularity contest survey done lately, according to LA times....
the best thing Frank can do is rehire Paul Depodesta, but I'll settle with Theo Epstein or
Kim Ng at this point.

Die, Tommy, Die!!!
bring back Pedro, Bring back Paul Konerko, you fat son of a b*&^%!!!!

frank is an idiot

let's throw rocks at his window...
should thought of that before halloween...