Wednesday, December 28, 2005

McCourts love Parking lots

The latest news indicate that McCourts tried to lure NFL into giving him a franchise with a football stadium built next to the dodger stadium, right in the parking lot.

I am not a fan of T.J. Simers, but now there is a legit excuse to call him a parking lot attendent.

I have been to Qualcom, Petco park, Angel stadium, SBC park, candlestick, Oakland Colisium, and SafeCo field. I still think as old as it is, the dodger stadium is the most beautiful baseball park that I've been to, with the best PARKING LOT SPACES and freeway access available.
Thank God NFL is looking elsewhere.

Only way I would welcome McCourts owning a NFL franchise is ONLY IF they use NFL revenue sharing to finance dodgers salary near the YANKEES like king George. Otherwise don't mess with my DODGER STADIUM!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Did we miss fox' days?

I just had this thought after hearing that we have come to a preliminary agreement with Brett Tomko. 2006 dodgers look a lot like the the dodgers of the fox days.
Way back when O'Malleys used to operate the dodgers, there was a sense to togetherness. Although that maybe we are headed back when our farm players come up together by 2007, but for now this winter has been a shopping frenzy like a 50%-off sales at Walmart. I guess this isn't a bad move, in fact I am excited to see this team take the field against weak NL worsts.
However, I find it very amusing and even ironic that after a tease in 2004 and a disastrous 2005, general fans are finding Ned and McCourt's efforts acceptable(myself included here) and some even find them heroic.
Well, really this mess was started by McCourts. If anyone is to blame, it is solely on the "brand" of the "McCourt". Soon after the purchase of the dodgers, he tried to lowball the city and bring in cheap brand of baseball. That was HIS decision. So HE brought in possibly one of the best in business when in comes to MONEYBALL. Enter Depodesta. First year was a success. Dodgers went to playoffs for the first time since Piazza days. We won the first playoff game since Hershiser days. Then 2005 happened. solid team that was contructed IF we had stayed HEALTHY, was good enough to win the NL west again if only half of those who were injured weren't. Well, if anything was Depo's fault, was not having a complete 2nd unit ready to compete, but who does? Once public outcry poured in, the "brand" blamed it's designer. OUT went Depo. McCourts' did not have the patience to see how Depo's long term vision will unfold, which would probably saved HIM a lot of money, and eventually a possible Dynasty at low cost. ESPN just reported Oakland A's to be #2 behind the WhiteSox in MLB power rank, and ahead of the NYY. Everybody knows the payroll discrepancy between the A's and the Yanks, but who's better now? If the "Brand" would bare a year or two of growing pains, who knows where the dodgers might have ended by 2007 or 2008?
Well, the vision might have changed from New to Old, from Moneyball to simply Money, but the farm is still intact. We still may have a shot at becoming something of the old-dodger way will be proud of, and something new, a perennial winning dynasty which Depo built the foundation of.
As Depo's projects leave the organization one by one, and for those whom rejoiced for an ownership other than Fox, here it is, 2006 LA Dodgers. 100+ mil salary and bunch of big names that could be has-beens in a year or two.
Ned better be praying everynight. If Drew-Nomar-Penny-Perez-Ledee-Lofton-Gagne injuries all linger in the first half of 2006 and the dodgers are in third place behind the Giants and Padres by then, he could be the next one to be collecting salaries staying home for the next few years.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

just a thought, but...

what if Billy Beane thinks its a good idea to trade Zito at mid-season (to get as much worked out of Zito in contract year until trade deadline) to dodgers for Edwin Jackson+Russell Martin+ OF like Jose Cruz Jr. or Ledee? Beane would do this because he won't be signing Zito after this season, and why walk him out the door if you can get back much in return? A's are strong with SP so they can school Jackson all they want (he's only 22 still), Kendall is a dead weight, and Martin will become a star oneday. Ledee or Cruz is just another insult to depo era dodgers especially after robbing us of Milton Bradley, Antonio Perez, and probably Hee Seop Choi after he is picked up from non-tendered.
Dodgers will do this because it gives them a sliver of a hope that if everyone stays reasonably healthy, they come a contender or WS this year. Zito-Lowe-Penny-Perez give 4 legit SP, with Gagne closing games.
Furcal-Izturis-Drew-Kent-Nomar-Mueller-Cruz or Ledee-Navarro gives them enough O.
Finally giving a realistic shot,( a weak one, but still a legit one) it will make Kent happy. If we win WS, he will most likely retire. Irony is, Kent can win WS as a dodger, and still probably go into HOF as a Giant. Kent you Bastard.

And here is why dodgers so do this
as long as we get to negotiate an extension before the trade is official, dodgers will not have Zito's talent in SP anytime soon. Billingsley, Jackson, Houton, Thompson, even Broxton have potentials, but they are years away from matching Zito right now. Then we do have Zito-Lowe-Penny-Perez-then a 5th starter among those mentioned before (except Thompson, healing from TMS ) gives us a good rotation.
If Navarro is the Man behind the plate, then we dont need Martin who's a year older to be a prospect. If Martin is the Man, then its Navarro who should go. which ever the dodgers choose to be their catcher, they should make that choice by the time trade is made.

the worst case senario would be...

for dodgers to sign Nomar to play 1B, therefore non-tender Hee Seop Choi before the deadline. this will of course, backfire immediately when Nomar gets hurt 2 months into season and put Saenz to start, or even worse, put Loney in. Thus making sure 06 1B will suck more than 05 1B which included Jason Phillips.

there is a solution. Tender Offer to Choi, sign Nomar to be Choi's platoon mate and split time with Ledee in LF. which in time LF will become more of Nomar's primary position by all-star break. Saenz still is a major force being everyday pinch hitter off the bench. If Choi was given a full season of at bats, he probably ended up with 255/30HR/80+RBIs which makes him look like a lefty version of Troy Glaus. The guy won't be eligible to make more than 1 mil / year for another year or two, I can't understand why this guy still hasn't been given his chance for one full season in the world full of Corey Pattersons and Scott Hatteburgs, and he's a bargain!

They need to keep Choi. it appears Ned is quickly getting rid of depo's people, but Choi may be the only one with SAMMY SOSA's power potential. Okay, maybe not Sammy Sosa's juiced days, but 1/2 juiced days?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

what would NOMAR do?

Choose to play 1Bfor the Yanks with his pals A-Rod and Jeter, or play LF for the dodgers?
If at age 32 to accept playing 1B full time for a former allstar SS is too degrading if you asked me, especially at one point being the best among the three SSs of the 90's winning AL MVP and Batting Champs.
I would think that if I am Arn Tellem, Nomar's agent, it may be a career saving move to make Nomar a LF. He does not have to be great, just don't make singles into doubles and doubles into triples out there, and for god's sake, don't dive.

I know what the risk is for signing Nomar for any position at this juncture of his hall of fame career. I real bust. but hey, whats another year of Werth in the LF if Nomar pulls or breaks something to end a season or two prematurely? all works out, and able to play at least 130 games per season for whatever the length of the contract (please be two, and no more) , he CAN be a bargain, and a possible marketing tool for the McCourt's for being the team to give Nomar his second chance in baseball, and then a possible contract extention beyond 2007.

Bill Mueller Signing was a great news in this fearful times of uncertainty......
He will hit close to 290 while getting on base a ton, this contact hitter with good OBP will help Drew, Kent and whoever at 5 hole get tons of RBIs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ethier? For Both MB and A. Perez?

One for one trade still would have looked bad enough, but for both? For this Ethier kid whom looks a lot like Chin Feng Chen or Cody Ross, if not less, is a rotten deal. Billy Beane's classic highway robbery plotting against unsuspecting rookie GM simply left us with only explanation, salary reduction. Ned realized with Furcal's oversigning, that McCourts' indeed unwillingless to spend on any quality vets, was desperate enough to give away a few millions of MB's arbitration $ + MLB Minimum base for a minor league contract.
Bad move, Ned. this one maybe the one to come back to haunt us later. That still leaves us with Cruz Jr at RF and Ricky Ledee at LF in opening day!
please go at least sign Jeremy Burnitz, or at least trade for Mench, do anything to show you have a plan...

Thank you, MB

For your passionate services for your former employer, dodgers.
Goddangit, Milton Bradley was my favorite dodger in last 2 years.

I guess it was simply a matter of time, until he was gone. But those prospects better have some value in 'em.
Now, Does this mean we are chasing Johnny Damon?

So, How'bout the rumor of Lowe+Sanches+2Prospects for Aberu+David Bell?
I guess that would solve our OF + 3B issue, and Bell's contract is only for one more year.
But if this deal gets done, our rotation looks something like Penny+Perez+Houlton+Jackson+Billinglsey.
Morris is now an emeny, and only options in FA are all Scott Boras' clients.
I guess Ned could be thinking of what Braves had done a few years ago with John Smoltz, with Gagne, U think?
Broxton could be a great starter in majors. He was a starter in minors, and He has a great Fastball/Slider combo. I see Darren Dreifort talents without injuries in Broxton.
By 2007, our problems will correct itself with SP.
Derek Thompson should be back from TJ surgery,
Billingsley will be ready
Jackson maybe ready
If stays healthy for 2006, why not Hong-CHih Kuo back as a starter?

then many possiblilities in Billingsley-Houlton-Jackson-Thompson-Broxston-Kuo in majors and still likes of Chuck Tiffany and Justin Orendorf in minors? (thanks to depo and logan white, etc)

But None the Less, if we lose out on both Weaver and Lowe without any compensation signings, our season will be over long before October again.

Monday, December 12, 2005

NO El Nino~, Say NO to Snow

R U KiDDING me? JT SNOW for 1B!!!!!
I am starting to shed my loyalty to NED... this better not be happening.
Only tolerable situation here is that Ned id signing Snow to be a 3B for 1 Year contract until LaRoche is ready in 2007.
Even then would be a step-down from Aybar. Oscar Robles will hit more HRs than Snow if given equal #of At Bats this upcoming
season, the way Snow has degenerated in last a few years offensively. Not that he ever was an offensive player anyway.
Spend whatever you are willing to pay to Snow to Randa, and finish this scare ASAP without any regrets, NED!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Good signs of Saenz

Signing of Saenz probably indicate that Ned is going with another season of 1B platoon. I guess that means they will at least give a chance to Choi. Many are hyped up about James Loney, but anyone old enough to remember Billy Ashley? If Ned is listening, I urge him to use him as a bait for a trade now. He might make a good DH in AL someday. Loney+Jackson for Zito? probably not, but a nice thought.

We should most definately go after Bill Mueller, but for no more than 2 years. He likes Grady, and wants to play in westcoast, what the hell is holding him up? i donno, but if he does come, it will make a nice lineup which should look like
1. Furcal - SS -S
2. Mueller - 3B - S
3. Drew - RF - L
4. Kent - 2B - R
5. Bradley - CF - S
7. Cruz Jr. - LF - S
8. Navarro - C - S

I know there is little chance of retaining Bradley, but Ned and Grady should work it out between the two. Especially if Kent is truly coomitted to win now, he won't get a better 5-hole hitter in FA or trade market than the one we already have. Just look at how many capable switch hitters we'll have, the match up problems we'll create every night against opposing pitchers ( especially the late inning relief pitchers!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

kanpai! Here is to the new era!

Regardless of the perceived value of Grady Little, at least one thing is certain.
We officially started a new era of dodger baseball in LA.
Maybe Ned is onto something. After all, Grady took those Redsox to a game away from the ultimate show, where old jimbo could muster one playoff win with LimaTime in LA in 2004.
You could say I'm overly optimistic, especially since I started this blog by saying we should go vandalize McCourt's house... Nevertheless, things change, and life is full of...bipolar highs and lows.
I do have one concern, and that is, the latest reports seem to indicate that A's are no longer the suiters of Bradley trade talk, but rather it is the Cubs. it BETTER NOT BE for Corey Patterson. They have nobody to offer us in OF. they won't part ways with Derek Lee or Aramis Ramirez, and despite the news of Jeff Weaver arbitration offer-which is only for the compensation draft pick sake- outside of their starting four, Maddox-Wood-Prior-Zambrano, Jerome Williams+ OF prospect. If the prospect is Felix Pie, that would be a steal.

I don't have much love for David Wells rumor. Only capacity I welcome him to dodgers is as a pitching coach or bullpen coach. other than that, he can take his 43year old body back to San Diego. Wells and Park will make a deadly combo...

Does having Grady as our manager mean that now Mueller is a shoe-in as our 3B?