Thursday, December 22, 2005

Did we miss fox' days?

I just had this thought after hearing that we have come to a preliminary agreement with Brett Tomko. 2006 dodgers look a lot like the the dodgers of the fox days.
Way back when O'Malleys used to operate the dodgers, there was a sense to togetherness. Although that maybe we are headed back when our farm players come up together by 2007, but for now this winter has been a shopping frenzy like a 50%-off sales at Walmart. I guess this isn't a bad move, in fact I am excited to see this team take the field against weak NL worsts.
However, I find it very amusing and even ironic that after a tease in 2004 and a disastrous 2005, general fans are finding Ned and McCourt's efforts acceptable(myself included here) and some even find them heroic.
Well, really this mess was started by McCourts. If anyone is to blame, it is solely on the "brand" of the "McCourt". Soon after the purchase of the dodgers, he tried to lowball the city and bring in cheap brand of baseball. That was HIS decision. So HE brought in possibly one of the best in business when in comes to MONEYBALL. Enter Depodesta. First year was a success. Dodgers went to playoffs for the first time since Piazza days. We won the first playoff game since Hershiser days. Then 2005 happened. solid team that was contructed IF we had stayed HEALTHY, was good enough to win the NL west again if only half of those who were injured weren't. Well, if anything was Depo's fault, was not having a complete 2nd unit ready to compete, but who does? Once public outcry poured in, the "brand" blamed it's designer. OUT went Depo. McCourts' did not have the patience to see how Depo's long term vision will unfold, which would probably saved HIM a lot of money, and eventually a possible Dynasty at low cost. ESPN just reported Oakland A's to be #2 behind the WhiteSox in MLB power rank, and ahead of the NYY. Everybody knows the payroll discrepancy between the A's and the Yanks, but who's better now? If the "Brand" would bare a year or two of growing pains, who knows where the dodgers might have ended by 2007 or 2008?
Well, the vision might have changed from New to Old, from Moneyball to simply Money, but the farm is still intact. We still may have a shot at becoming something of the old-dodger way will be proud of, and something new, a perennial winning dynasty which Depo built the foundation of.
As Depo's projects leave the organization one by one, and for those whom rejoiced for an ownership other than Fox, here it is, 2006 LA Dodgers. 100+ mil salary and bunch of big names that could be has-beens in a year or two.
Ned better be praying everynight. If Drew-Nomar-Penny-Perez-Ledee-Lofton-Gagne injuries all linger in the first half of 2006 and the dodgers are in third place behind the Giants and Padres by then, he could be the next one to be collecting salaries staying home for the next few years.


At 12:17 AM, Blogger slackfarmer said...

All true. As many have said, Ned has done OK this offseason. But I don't see why we have to settle for -- why others are happy with -- anything better than really stupid. I miss Depo and the promiss of doing really good things.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger haileysdad said...

yo slack, is there any possible way to mathmatically quantify which player is more likely to be injured during whatever the duration of his contract is?
I'm dead serious. I want to know what our risks are for having injury-prone players such as Drew, Nomar, Ledee, Werth, and the rest of DL friendly dodgers we have on the same team.
If possible, it would be VERY interesting to see how we stack up against other clubs in that catagory.


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