Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ethier? For Both MB and A. Perez?

One for one trade still would have looked bad enough, but for both? For this Ethier kid whom looks a lot like Chin Feng Chen or Cody Ross, if not less, is a rotten deal. Billy Beane's classic highway robbery plotting against unsuspecting rookie GM simply left us with only explanation, salary reduction. Ned realized with Furcal's oversigning, that McCourts' indeed unwillingless to spend on any quality vets, was desperate enough to give away a few millions of MB's arbitration $ + MLB Minimum base for a minor league contract.
Bad move, Ned. this one maybe the one to come back to haunt us later. That still leaves us with Cruz Jr at RF and Ricky Ledee at LF in opening day!
please go at least sign Jeremy Burnitz, or at least trade for Mench, do anything to show you have a plan...


At 12:32 AM, Blogger slackfarmer said...

I don't mch care for this trade either. Beane fleaced Mr. Ned.


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