Saturday, December 17, 2005

just a thought, but...

what if Billy Beane thinks its a good idea to trade Zito at mid-season (to get as much worked out of Zito in contract year until trade deadline) to dodgers for Edwin Jackson+Russell Martin+ OF like Jose Cruz Jr. or Ledee? Beane would do this because he won't be signing Zito after this season, and why walk him out the door if you can get back much in return? A's are strong with SP so they can school Jackson all they want (he's only 22 still), Kendall is a dead weight, and Martin will become a star oneday. Ledee or Cruz is just another insult to depo era dodgers especially after robbing us of Milton Bradley, Antonio Perez, and probably Hee Seop Choi after he is picked up from non-tendered.
Dodgers will do this because it gives them a sliver of a hope that if everyone stays reasonably healthy, they come a contender or WS this year. Zito-Lowe-Penny-Perez give 4 legit SP, with Gagne closing games.
Furcal-Izturis-Drew-Kent-Nomar-Mueller-Cruz or Ledee-Navarro gives them enough O.
Finally giving a realistic shot,( a weak one, but still a legit one) it will make Kent happy. If we win WS, he will most likely retire. Irony is, Kent can win WS as a dodger, and still probably go into HOF as a Giant. Kent you Bastard.

And here is why dodgers so do this
as long as we get to negotiate an extension before the trade is official, dodgers will not have Zito's talent in SP anytime soon. Billingsley, Jackson, Houton, Thompson, even Broxton have potentials, but they are years away from matching Zito right now. Then we do have Zito-Lowe-Penny-Perez-then a 5th starter among those mentioned before (except Thompson, healing from TMS ) gives us a good rotation.
If Navarro is the Man behind the plate, then we dont need Martin who's a year older to be a prospect. If Martin is the Man, then its Navarro who should go. which ever the dodgers choose to be their catcher, they should make that choice by the time trade is made.


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