Wednesday, December 28, 2005

McCourts love Parking lots

The latest news indicate that McCourts tried to lure NFL into giving him a franchise with a football stadium built next to the dodger stadium, right in the parking lot.

I am not a fan of T.J. Simers, but now there is a legit excuse to call him a parking lot attendent.

I have been to Qualcom, Petco park, Angel stadium, SBC park, candlestick, Oakland Colisium, and SafeCo field. I still think as old as it is, the dodger stadium is the most beautiful baseball park that I've been to, with the best PARKING LOT SPACES and freeway access available.
Thank God NFL is looking elsewhere.

Only way I would welcome McCourts owning a NFL franchise is ONLY IF they use NFL revenue sharing to finance dodgers salary near the YANKEES like king George. Otherwise don't mess with my DODGER STADIUM!!!!!!!


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