Monday, December 12, 2005

NO El Nino~, Say NO to Snow

R U KiDDING me? JT SNOW for 1B!!!!!
I am starting to shed my loyalty to NED... this better not be happening.
Only tolerable situation here is that Ned id signing Snow to be a 3B for 1 Year contract until LaRoche is ready in 2007.
Even then would be a step-down from Aybar. Oscar Robles will hit more HRs than Snow if given equal #of At Bats this upcoming
season, the way Snow has degenerated in last a few years offensively. Not that he ever was an offensive player anyway.
Spend whatever you are willing to pay to Snow to Randa, and finish this scare ASAP without any regrets, NED!


At 9:18 AM, Blogger slackfarmer said...

It's all just rumor at this point. Worry not, until Mr. Ned actually does sign JT.


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