Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thank you, MB

For your passionate services for your former employer, dodgers.
Goddangit, Milton Bradley was my favorite dodger in last 2 years.

I guess it was simply a matter of time, until he was gone. But those prospects better have some value in 'em.
Now, Does this mean we are chasing Johnny Damon?

So, How'bout the rumor of Lowe+Sanches+2Prospects for Aberu+David Bell?
I guess that would solve our OF + 3B issue, and Bell's contract is only for one more year.
But if this deal gets done, our rotation looks something like Penny+Perez+Houlton+Jackson+Billinglsey.
Morris is now an emeny, and only options in FA are all Scott Boras' clients.
I guess Ned could be thinking of what Braves had done a few years ago with John Smoltz, with Gagne, U think?
Broxton could be a great starter in majors. He was a starter in minors, and He has a great Fastball/Slider combo. I see Darren Dreifort talents without injuries in Broxton.
By 2007, our problems will correct itself with SP.
Derek Thompson should be back from TJ surgery,
Billingsley will be ready
Jackson maybe ready
If stays healthy for 2006, why not Hong-CHih Kuo back as a starter?

then many possiblilities in Billingsley-Houlton-Jackson-Thompson-Broxston-Kuo in majors and still likes of Chuck Tiffany and Justin Orendorf in minors? (thanks to depo and logan white, etc)

But None the Less, if we lose out on both Weaver and Lowe without any compensation signings, our season will be over long before October again.


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