Wednesday, December 14, 2005

what would NOMAR do?

Choose to play 1Bfor the Yanks with his pals A-Rod and Jeter, or play LF for the dodgers?
If at age 32 to accept playing 1B full time for a former allstar SS is too degrading if you asked me, especially at one point being the best among the three SSs of the 90's winning AL MVP and Batting Champs.
I would think that if I am Arn Tellem, Nomar's agent, it may be a career saving move to make Nomar a LF. He does not have to be great, just don't make singles into doubles and doubles into triples out there, and for god's sake, don't dive.

I know what the risk is for signing Nomar for any position at this juncture of his hall of fame career. I real bust. but hey, whats another year of Werth in the LF if Nomar pulls or breaks something to end a season or two prematurely? all works out, and able to play at least 130 games per season for whatever the length of the contract (please be two, and no more) , he CAN be a bargain, and a possible marketing tool for the McCourt's for being the team to give Nomar his second chance in baseball, and then a possible contract extention beyond 2007.

Bill Mueller Signing was a great news in this fearful times of uncertainty......
He will hit close to 290 while getting on base a ton, this contact hitter with good OBP will help Drew, Kent and whoever at 5 hole get tons of RBIs.


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