Saturday, December 17, 2005

the worst case senario would be...

for dodgers to sign Nomar to play 1B, therefore non-tender Hee Seop Choi before the deadline. this will of course, backfire immediately when Nomar gets hurt 2 months into season and put Saenz to start, or even worse, put Loney in. Thus making sure 06 1B will suck more than 05 1B which included Jason Phillips.

there is a solution. Tender Offer to Choi, sign Nomar to be Choi's platoon mate and split time with Ledee in LF. which in time LF will become more of Nomar's primary position by all-star break. Saenz still is a major force being everyday pinch hitter off the bench. If Choi was given a full season of at bats, he probably ended up with 255/30HR/80+RBIs which makes him look like a lefty version of Troy Glaus. The guy won't be eligible to make more than 1 mil / year for another year or two, I can't understand why this guy still hasn't been given his chance for one full season in the world full of Corey Pattersons and Scott Hatteburgs, and he's a bargain!

They need to keep Choi. it appears Ned is quickly getting rid of depo's people, but Choi may be the only one with SAMMY SOSA's power potential. Okay, maybe not Sammy Sosa's juiced days, but 1/2 juiced days?


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