Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So... What's Up, Doc!

The doctor is in.
Ned Colletti, the cosmetic surgeon has done the Lipo and Tummi tuck, face lift and a few other implants to make this aging glamor called DODGERS into what appears to be a contender in NL West. Some even mention championship.... but shhhhhhhhh! Before we go any further, let's take a look without the bandages.

Starting Pitching.

2005 - Lowe, Penny, Perez, Weaver, and Erickson/Houlton
2006 - Lowe, Penny, Perez, Tomko, and Aaron Sele/Seo

they look pretty much the same, other than Tomko is worse than Weaver by a notch, and PLEASE GOD MAKE SELE GO AWAY, then Seo should be a notch above Erickson/Houlton combo. So it's a wash here.

Relief Pitching

it's all about GAGNE!!! IF he's healthy, then we are good. But that's the same plot going into LAST season.
Danys Baez has never pitched in NL before, and although I think he's a good looking player, AL has much more patient hitters that will take a strike or two. In NL, I'm not sure how easy he will make the transition, since his repertore of pitches are pretty much a fastball one after another. Let's wait and see.
I believe in Kuo, but third tommy john will end his short career, and hope he's not over used in upcoming season. This means we need 2 leftys in b-pen. Wunsch's ankle doesn't appear much solid here.
verdict - better with Gagne, but if he's hurt, without Sanches, it could be a wash.


2005 - Navarro, backed up by scrubs
2006 - Navarro, backed up by scrubs

more less the same


2005 - Izturis, Valentin hurt
2006 - Izturis still hurt, Furcal and Kent had surgeries, and Nomar is a candle in the wind (healthwise)

If healthy, can be a better group than last season's. If not, We will miss Choi/Saenz platoon which produced 30+Hr and 100+ RBI on 1B
(anyone still moarning for Beltre?)


2005 - Drew-Bradley-Werth
2006 - Drew-Lofton-Cruz

This is a joke. there is no way Lofton can replace the power+potential of MB. Werth and Cruz are both Worthless. how about converting Choi for LF?

Overall, things changed in a hurry, but things are moreless the same.
But the fool that I am, will be watching every dodger game in 2006.

I guess being a lifetime clipper fan, I am well prepared for misery, but just maybe, Barry Bonds will be hurt again, and Padres will start Chan Ho Park for 33 games.