Friday, February 10, 2006


lets make a friendly bet.

I say Nomar will last 20 more games than JD Drew.
that is, Drew may come back and play a month or two, and Nomar lasting another month to that.
when they both are hurt, I just hope we still have Choi on 1B and have Andre Ethier ready by then. Because Saenz is too damn old to play everyday and Drew's replacement in OF is no other than Jayson Werthless.

it's a multiple choice pop quiz,

which body part of Jayson Werthless will be malfunctioning by all-star week?

a) he breaks right wrist on a fastball
b) he breaks his ankle on a dive to 2B
c) goes dear hunting with Kent and accidentally gets shot in the foot

Nevertheless, I think we have enough to win the division, considering what other teams have.

LA Dodgers - Drew ( or Nomar) > SF Giants - Bonds

only if LA - (both Drew+Nomar) then < SF Giants - bonds

SD Padres feature Peavy-Young-Woody-Chan Ho-Estes
after Peavy, it's like Tomko - Tomko - Tomko - Tomko

I actually think D-backs look good on paper with El Duke + Brandon Webb on top of the rotation, but thier line up is questionable at best.

Rockies will stay in rock bottom for another decade or two. Todd Helton is a waste of talent in the Colorado Dump.


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